Oakland: March 2007

Oakland: March 2007
Arrived late. Parked illegally. Streets empty. Still. Only this magnificent voice, winding around the corners, echoing upside the skyscrapers. Goosebumps. This is History. I am a part of history. And everybody else knows it, too

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Countdown For Change

I suppose this is the 5th house party I have hosted since Februrary; each RSVP delivers new faces and even more enthusiasm and 'fired up, ready to go' support as we now enter the last four months prior to the Iowa Causus.

My group today munched on strawberry wholewheat panckes, chicken salad, assorted fruits and lavosch and talked precincts, blocks and how we're all going to be prepared with packs of lifesavers to hand out candy "O's" to everyone we talk with.

We used our meeting as an introduction to newcomers who very much needed tips on how to use the website to access information about events and join groups as well as committing to attending our CD organizational meeting 10 days from now.

I urge anyone who hasn't done so yet, to sign up at barackobama.com and try hosting an open house or informational event or finding one near you. These are phenemenol opportunities to share information on why people are supporting Obama. Today's major themes emerged as honesty, integrity, strength, character. A few of us are planning to coordinate a trip to New Hampshire to help local chapters knocking on doors.

thoughts on Foreign Policy speech

The first strike in Obama's campaign to rule the emerging scape of 21st century America came in the Senator's last Foreign Policy address, when he discussed the role of the US in Pakistan. The timing, which initially was played by MSM and other candidates, was clearly highly strategic. He won that one. As he won the debate over not using nuclear weapons.

It was obvious this weekend in SF that Obama was about to roll out of cruise control and slide by the pack. The entire weekend was overdrive, exhilerating. When Kos posted last Fri or Sat that Clinton had beat Obama to the punch on commening on the upcoming Petraeus appearances, I wrote not so fast. This candidate and the campaign are on top of this big time.

the polls v the big "O"

A message for Obama supporters. Maybe we need to reprioritize. Shut off our laptops, open our doors again, and talk real time about the big "O."

The Week That Was

Foreign Policy

Obama's campaign surged into overdrive last Friday afternoon in San Francsico and has been cruising on with such alacrity it appears as though they just might have tapped into 'the field'.

Big news items include the brilliantly timed roll out of Obama'a nuanced Foreign Policy speech at Clinton, Iowa, in which he presented undoubtedly the most refined and expertly crafted analysis of America's role in the 'new world order.' a role which establishes us as an equal player in the global arena. It is not too late!

A link to his thoughts on pulling out of Iraq

Who's the "Greenest of 'em all?

Obama - 96
Kucinich - 92
Clinton - 90
Biden - 84
Richardson -82
Dodd - 77
Edwards - 59
Paul - 30
McCain - 26
Brownback - 14
Thompson - 12
Tancredo -11
Hunter - 9

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Big Military Support; rates highest on environmental issues

A report by the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics shows that Barack Obama leads all other presidential candidates in donations from people in the military. Ron Paul, another candidate who like Obama opposes the Iraq War, was in second place.

Good news also comes to the Obama campaign from the League of Conservation Voters that rates Barack highest on environmental issues among all the presidential candidates. Obama had a 96 rating compared to Dennis Kucinich who came in second with a 92 rating.

Iowa endorsements

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Barack Obama returns to Bay Area next week for two private fundraisers. Best chance to see him is on Friday around noon when he arrives to speak at luncheon for Bay Area Women at Civic Center old convention center. Great opportunity to grab some headlines from the Clinton Machine who are on the road together all week.